To create my designs I code algorithms that loosely mimic botanical, crystalline and other natural forms. What interests me is how very simple sets of steps can produce intricate and complex images. The design process is unpredictable; I modify and tweak parameters along the way in response to what the algorithm generates. There is a constant dynamic between randomness and order.

In my weaving, I use these algorithms to generate both the patterns and the weave structures. The weave structures are integral to the design, changing across the face of the fabric and/or filling the patterns, adding depth and movement.

I devised the textiles as panels to be lit by LEDs that cycle through the colour wheel. In response, the appearance of the textiles transforms: their colours change; shapes and structures disappear and then reappear. The viewer’s focus of attention constantly shifts. The choice of bold complementary coloured yarns are the outcome of my experiments to see which pigments responded most significantly to the different parts of the light spectrum.

I wanted the outcome of the presentation of the work to be immersive and a little magical.

The long panels are 96cm by 36cm and were handwoven on a TC1 Jacquard loom using organic cotton yarn. Each panel consists of about 4500 picks and took over 20 hours to weave.